R. David FeinauerRight of Way Manager
Mr. Feinauer is President of ROWA and the manager for all projects and services. With 40 years’ experience in appraisal, negotiation, and relocation services, David is well-grounded in federal, state, and local rules regarding funding of public acquisition. He also has extensive practical experience managing property for government agencies and in-field real estate related services for a large number of public agencies. His knowledge base includes both simple and complex whole and partial property acquisitions in many jurisdictions; oversight of sub-contracted services; and legal, land use, economic, and environmental impacts and issues.
Genesee JayasuriyaProject Manager, R/W Agent, Relocation Specialist
Genesee has been with the firm since 2003 and is an experienced public acquisition project manager, and monitors delivery of all of the technical work required by the public acquisition process for quality assurance, compliance, and scope. Acting as the primary administrative link between the client and ROWA, Genesee confirms that the correct acquisition documents are prepared, coordinates title services & document preparation including appraisals and appraisal reviews, ensures file accuracy and organization, coordinates relocation services, supervises client trust accounts and their profit & loss, and provides status updates to clients. She manages both the internal coordination of services as identified client requirements, ensuring efficient and complete execution of project requirements in compliance with and exceeding federal, state, and local requirements.
Heather KeyRight of Way Agent, Relocation Specialist
Heather has four years of experience with the firm and is a licensed real estate agent in Oregon and Washington. She has provided negotiation and relocation services for a number of projects. She has experience developing project budget (programming) estimates, reviewing and understanding title issues, presenting and following up on offers to purchase, and interacting with clients in the decision making process during negotiation discussions. Heather provides direct property management services with tenants, service vendors, and public clients, while monitoring compliance with lease conditions for insurance, rent payment, and maintenance.
Nancy CarterProject Support
Nancy has five years’ experience providing administrative support. One of her primary duties is to provide bookkeeping for bill notation and payment. She is responsible for posting deposits to the Client Trust Account, making vendor payments from the Trust Account, and for month-end account reconciliation. She also provides marketing and networking support to the team.
Kerry Lynn Thompson
Kerry provides office and project support including document preparation, file management, as well as exhibit and map creation. She holds a B.S. in Geography from Brigham Young University.